Miss Teen USA set to take place in Phoenix on Saturday

The annual Miss Teen USA pageant competition is set to be held in Downtown Phoenix on Saturday.

With photo shoots, long rehearsals and various activities in city, it's been quite the week for the contestants of Miss Teen USA. 51 girls will be competing for that one crown, come Saturday.

Kent Parham, Production Director for this year's competition, has been busy with the girls in recent days.

"They spend anywhere from from six to 10 hours with me," said Parham. "Now that does sound like a lot, but it is a lot for a teenager to be responsible for her job as a titleholder from one of our states."

It's the first time the Miss Teen USA competition is being held in Phoenix. Parham said he, as well as the girls, are excited to be in the valley.

"I've been in Phoenix a couple of times, and this is a different capacity," said Parham. "It's great to be back. It's a little warm but hey we are heating up the stage here at Symphony Hall. So it's good."

With a spike of people expected in Downtown, businesses near the area are noticing more foot traffic.

"All of a sudden, we have this influx of people, especially around 4 to 5 [p.m.]," said Elizabeth Toledo with the Arizona Latino Arts Cultural Center. "I think that's when they finish across the street, and we have some people that we haven't seen before walk in here, and they like to see our things, because it's a little bit different."

FOX 10 Phoenix's Syleste Rodriguez will be one of the judges for the pageant.