Missing dogs found bound with rope, shot in the head: ‘Inhumane, barbaric’

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Logan Lank said his missing dogs were found tied with rope and shot in the head.  (Logan Lank)

Logan Lank can’t imagine who would have tortured and killed his missing dogs. They were found bound and shot in the head on August 2 near Cumberland, Iowa. 

"I believe that anybody with a mindset to even think of doing such acts is wretched, let alone somebody capable of actually committing or executing such a devastating crime," the 19-year-old told FOX Television Stations. 

"They are nonetheless inhumane, barbaric, and a lousy member of a beautiful society," he added. 

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Logan said his dogs, Bella and Pepper, went missing in late July. Bella was a year-old pit bull mix. Pepper was a three-and-a-half-year-old black lab. 

Logan said he had called for his dogs, but they didn’t return. After posting notices on social media, he was told his pets were at a neighbor’s house but that neighbor didn’t call Logan to tell him his dogs were there. 

"That was the last place they were seen," he continued. 

Logan said on August 2, a bridge worker found the dogs beneath an overpass. 

"The dogs were found thrown over a bridge into the water," Logan said. "They had gunshot wounds to the back of their heads, shot close enough to leave burn marks, and their feet were tied with rope."

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The Cass County Sheriff’s Office said there are investigating the abuse, posting an alert on its Facebook page. 

Logan said he wants the perpetrator or perpetrators to be fully prosecuted.

"What would be justice for me would be to see whomever [is] demented enough responsible for these actions to be held accountable by law and by their own haunted conscience for the gut-wrenching actions they have done," he added. 

However, he’s holding on to memories of his beloved pets. 

"Every memory I had with these dogs was a blessing," he added. "Just being able to come home after a hard day and have my girls present was enough to ease my mind and help myself be at peace."

This story was reported from Los Angeles.