Missing Gary teen found safe

FOX 32 NEWS - A missing 15-year-old from Gary, Indiana, who was the subject of an Amber Alert, was found safe Tuesday afternoon.

Gary police wouldn’t elaborate on how or where in Gary they found her, only that she was found safe.

Chastinea Reeves went looking for help after Gary police said her mother was the victim of a crime. Kelli McMillan, Reeves’ aunt, said the teenager and her 4-year-old sister arrived at her apartment in tears.

“They arrived here around 2 a.m. and they said somebody had come in and did something to their mom,” said McMillan. “I stepped out, I called the police and called the neighbor of the mom. When I was making my calls Chastinea, she ran out the back door.”

McMillan said Chastinea’s mother, Jaime Garnett, 34 years old, was killed Monday morning in their apartment in the 4400 block of 23rd Place.

Police won’t elaborate on the homicide or if that crime and the teenager’s disappearance are connected.

Friends and family have started a memorial outside Garnett’s home. Neighbors are stunned that she was killed and her daughter went missing for more than 24 hours.

This has blown my mind,” said Jay Lew. “I knew Jamie, she's gone now, it has blown my mind.”

Gary police did not confirm if Chastinea was found alone or with someone or comment on what condition she was in when they found her.