Moms use Mother's Day to push for drug reform

The only gift some moms want this Mother's Day is a change in how policy makers deal with addiction issues.

The "Moms United To End the War on Drugs" campaign, a project by A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing), was designed to help mothers and others share their views about how drug policy should change in our country.

"It's a devastating problem for families to go through, but as a whole, the whole country is going through this," said Sharon Ravert, a drug policy reform advocate from Dahlonega.  "Whether you know it or not, you're being affected by it." 

The group would like to see drug policy move from a punitive system to a more health-centered one.

"There's ways for people to get better that don't include being locked up in a cage and living with a criminal record for the rest of their lives," Ravert explained.

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