Mother standing just feet away when bullet pierced into her home

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A mother was standing just feet away from a bullet that pierced into her DeKalb County home while she cooked for her young son.

“I was cooking and then I heard this loud noise and I turned around and I seen some smoke coming from my living room area,” said the mother who did want to use her name.

WATCH: Where the bullet struck inside the home and how close it really was

The woman’s fiancé, Baru Hornsby showed FOX 5 where the bullet entered the house, first hitting the garage door, then making its way into their living room, ricocheted off a second wall, then into another wall and then outside.

“It was just crazy because I am just thinking, if my stepdaughter was home, she actually had to go to work today, but she is usually in the living room area so she could have been walking by and just got hit,” said Baru Hornsby.

DeKalb County Police are investigating and said it does not appear the homeowner was targeted and no one was seen firing the shot.  The homeowners said that is what has them at ease, knowing this was not intentional, but it is still unsettling to think of what could have happened if someone had been walking through the living room.

Hornsby said he has never seen anything like this happen in what he said is a quiet, close-knit neighborhood

“I am just happy that nobody was hurt,” said Hornsby. "It’s just something that you got to be aware of just constantly, you know, knowing that at any moment anything can happen.”

The homeowners are just grateful this was not worse.

“It could have been a whole lot worse, it could have been, yellow tape and everything around the house at this moment,” said the mother.

DeKalb County police said there were some people outside of the house, who police spoke to and they allowed police to search the area and nothing related to the incident was found.

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