Mountain lion weak and anemic after being rescued from Pescadero High classroom

Oakland Zoo staff care for a mountain lion who entered Pescadero High School. Photo: Oakland Zoo

A young mountain lion who hunkered down in an English classroom at Pescadero High School for hours is recovering but is still weak and anemic, Oakland Zoo officials said Friday.

Zoo spokeswoman Isabella Linares said he is still very thin and has a long way to go before he is fully better.

"We're taking it day by day," she said. 

The big cat entered the high school in rural San Mateo County on Wednesday morning and was contained in an English classroom for most of the day by a quick-thinking custodian.

California Fish and Wildlife crews tranquilized the 5-month-old animal and transported him to the Oakland Zoo, where he will stay indefinitely. 

No one was injured at the high school, where mountain lions are a semi-regular sight, often running into people's backyards. 

However, running into a classroom could be a first. 

Linares said the goal now is to focus on his recovery and when he gets healthier, the zoo can start looking into his forever home.

The public cannot visit him at this point, as he is in the veterinarian hospital. 


This mountain lion was hunkered under an English room desk at Pescadero High School. Photo: Oakland Zoo 


The mountain lion rescued at Pescadero High School is weak and anemic. Photo: Oakland Zoo 


Veterinarians give a mountain lion care at the Oakland Zoo. Photo: Oakland Zoo