New Redskins WR Paul Richardson claims Virginia trooper asked him if he was in a gang

Virginia State Police said they are reviewing the traffic stop of a Washington Redskins player after he posted on social media alleging that the trooper who pulled him over asked him if he was in a gang.

Police said Richardson was pulled over at around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the exit ramp from eastbound Dulles Toll Road leading to Route 772 in Loudoun County because his Mercedes SUV didn’t have his license plates displayed. The trooper gave Richardson a traffic summons for failing to have his vehicle properly registered.

However, the 26-year-old Redskins wide receiver posted on Twitter with his account of the incident saying, “Just got pulled over by Virginia police officer in a toll lane and before asking my name he asked me if I was in a gang, then minutes later told me he thought I was a dealer (drugs). What a welcome to the east coast. Finished up with asking me how much car cost me.”

In another tweet, Richardson wrote, “I’ve had this car 2 weeks and this amazing officer gave me a ticket for only having temporary registration. Mind you I have up to 2 months in Va before needing to register it AGAIN in Virginia.”

Richardson later deleted the tweets, but wrote in another post, “It’s true, but tweeting about it wasn’t the right way to deal.”

Virginia State Police said no formal complaint has been filed, but they were made aware of Richardson's tweets Tuesday afternoon. The department will review the trooper’s dash camera footage to help determine "if the traffic stop was handled in accordance with state police policy.”

Richardson joined the Redskins this offseason after signing a 5-year, $40 million deal last month.