New video of 'Freedom Fighter Bandit' as FBI identifies her

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She has been dubbed the “Freedom Fighter Bandit” but the FBI has now identified her as 25-year-old Nilsa Marie Urena. Now, investigators have released new video they hope will lead to her arrest.

The term "Freedom Fighter Bandit" came about because the FBI said she is robbing banks for a cause. But agents said they don't know what her social purpose might be, but she and a male accomplice ramped up their crimes, with two additional bank robberies a couple of weeks ago. 

Bank of the Ozarks in Douglasville is the latest target of the so-called Freedom Fighter Bandit.

"Well I think the cause is for her own good you know can't be like Robin Hood take from the rich and give to the poor, wrong is wrong," said Douglasville resident John Torrence.

FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett says the woman and a male accomplice told a teller at Bank of the Ozarks they had a bomb and would blow it up before they fled with cash on November 3. But do we know who she is stealing it for?

"No, we don't. That's a good question. We'll be asking her when we have her in custody," said Emmett.

A few hours before the Douglasville bank robbery the FBI said Georgia's Own Credit Union in Grayson was robbed after the two passed a demand note to a teller.

"This crime spree began with two banks, one in Stone Mountain, then in Ellenwood, then two more today," said Emmett.

The FBI said Urena and her male helper have been connected to four incidents all over metro Atlanta.

They said the dangerous duo failed to get cash at a Stone Mountain bank because a teller didn't comply. In Ellenwood, they did get the loot after threatening to detonate an explosive device.

Authorities have two juvenile males in custody in connection with the Bank of the Ozarks robbery in Douglasville. Both face state charges. 

Urena remains at large and may or may not have a grander plan in place which is placing a lot of people in danger.

"If they are robbing banks, they're robbing banks. It doesn't matter what their cause is they need to be caught," said Douglasville resident Alan Ballingall.

The FBI said there is every reason to believe the Freedom Fighter Bandit will strike again.

They're hoping to develop enough leads to take away her freedom and put Urena behind bars.