New video released of suspect in hair salon murder

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The DeKalb County Police Department has released security camera footage of the murder that took place this week on Redan Road.

DeKalb County Police said 29-year-old Anthony Jordan was standing outside of a hair salon when a man in a blue-green early 2000s Cadillac CTS pulled up to the salon Tuesday evening, got out of his car, and opened fire.

Jordan had been getting his hair braided at the salon approximately one hour before the murder.

“We just started talking, laughing,” said the woman who was braiding Jordan’s hair just moments before he was shot. She did not want to be identified. “We went outside to break. He walked behind me, and that was it.”

Footage shows the 6’2” black male suspect making a purchase at a Citgo adjacent to the hair salon before driving his car in front of the salon and shooting Jordan.

Police report that the suspect fired approximately four shots, two of which hit Jordan at the right side of his head and his right bicep.

“We have absolutely no idea what the motive possibly is or could be,” said Detective Chris Tappan of the DeKalb County Police Department and the lead detective on the case. “The family members and friends of the victim have given us no indication of what it could be.”

Due to the proficiency with which the gun was handled, police suggest that the suspect might have possible military or police experience. The suspect was last seen in the Cadillac leaving the scene and heading Eastbound.

“I can only think of a handful of cases where something like this has occurred at all,” said Tappan.

Police are still searching for the suspect and hope that the release of the footage will allow people to specifically identify the man as soon as possible.