Newark airport will no longer be considered a NYC-area airport

Beginning October 3, New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport will no longer be considered a New York City-area airport.

According to the International Air Transport Association, Newark Liberty International airport will get its own city code. 

"What this changes is it's really some back-end fare filing change that will affect the way airlines file their fares," said Ben Mutzabaugh, senior aviation editor at The Points Guy.

Newark Liberty will still keep its code of EWR. In a statement to FOX 5, IATA says the changes "in no way affects how Newark airport (EWR) will appear in travel agent displays or online travel sites. Newark will show up in all NYC fare and schedule searches." 

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Whether this will make fares more or less expensive from Newark versus the other airports remains to be seen. 

"That will continue to be mostly supply and demand. there's a chance that the Newark fares could be a little more untethered to the JFK fares, but that doesn't necessarily mean more expensive or cheaper," said Mutzabaugh.

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Experts say one area where passengers could possibly see an impact could be if they change airports last minute, meaning that instead of flying into JFK, they rather fly into Newark, the airline may charge you a penalty since they are no longer in the same city code.