Newnan tightens security plans ahead of white nationalist rally

Preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best. That’s the outlook authorities in Newnan have taken, as they prepare for a white separatist event later this month. City officials expect counter-protestors and so they're working to prevent the possible violence that's been seen at similar rallies.

Saturday will be a very busy day for downtown Newnan. The city has a number of events already scheduled on top of the rally. Residents have been made aware. Some businesses will be taking the day off. Others said it’s one of the busiest days of the week and they can’t afford to not open.

Newnan’s Greenville Street Park is expected to look very different Saturday afternoon from what it did Tuesday. It is where white nationalists and counter-protestors will rally. Some of the surrounding businesses in downtown Newnan will close that day but others like Ace Growlers will be open.

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The city of Newnan accepted the commander of the national socialist movement's request for a pavilion rental last month. The group plans to meet at the park Saturday with counter protestors expected as well. The city is working with nearly two dozen different agencies to prepare for the event.

The city of Newnan released a statement to FOX 5 News reading in part, "The city of Newnan has a responsibility to protect free speech rights, the individuals and groups that chose to exercise those rights and the broader community in which those rights may be exercised."

More details about traffic, road closures, and other security measures will be released as the event draws closer.

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