NICU babies at Children's National celebrate 1st Halloween

Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s National Hospital dressed up for their very first Halloween. 

Costumes this year included a Starbucks cup, an astronaut, a ladybug - even a little doctor. 

"At Children’s National, bringing the Halloween fun to our patients and their families is one of the many ways our teams work to bolster families’ spirits during stressful times," said Children’s National Hospital's representative Diana Troese. 

Check out some of the cute and creative costumes:

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Via Children's National Hospital

As a reminder, Troese also shared a safe sleep message from the NICU: 

Our precious babies are on continuous cardio-respiratory monitoring. Parents and caregivers should always follow the AAP safe sleep guidelines and under no circumstances should babies at home be placed prone to sleep, or have items such as toys, loose bedding, or blanket rolls in their cribs.