Nike opening store with only Michael Jordan items in Chicago

CHICAGO (FOX 32 / AP) — Nike is opening a Michael Jordan-only store in Chicago's Loop this weekend.

"If you're not in line, you are not going to get the most wanted shoes," Aziz Baker said.

Baker got in line Thursday morning, but he's no where near the front.

"You gotta do what you gotta do!" he said.

Baker says the reason so many people line up is to make money rather than spending it, and he's not sure that's a good thing.

"These Jordan's are worth so much, and people are doing a lot to get them. It's affecting people's lives that they will do whatever it takes to make a profit off the shoe," Baker added.

Baker told FOX 32 that a pair of shoes that sells for a few hundred bucks in the store can bring over a grand on the resale market.

"There are these blue shows, called the Jordan Dons. They are selling for $1500 right now. The retail on those is 275," Baker said.

The men at the front of the line have been there since Tuesday. They didn't want to talk to FOX 32 on camera, but said the wait is worth the money they can make reselling gear that they will buy inside.

"Every bit of the shoe is different," one man said.

Not everyone in line was sporting Jordan gear. One guy, who didn't give us his name, was the only person in line rocking a pair of LeBrons. They're nice shoes, but he still wanted to give proper respect to the greatest player in the world.

"When he was hoopin' back then, he was Mike, he was great," the man said.

The new Jordan Brand store opens Saturday and will sell merchandise with the trademarked Michael Jordan "Jumpman" silhouette. Nike also plans stores in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto featuring the former Chicago Bulls star. Jordan Brand offers basketball, training, sportswear and kids' products.

Nike Chief Executive Mark Parker says Jordan's popularity opens up a "world of opportunity" for the company.

Nike also said last week that it will report Jordan Brand financial results separately from its basketball division.

Sarah Mensah is general manager of the Jordan Brand in North America. She says consumers wanted a place to see everything Jordan-related. She says stores also will feature items chosen "specifically by Michael."