NJ couple who missed own wedding reception gets a do-over

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After being forced to leave their own wedding reception early, a local couple is getting a do-over.

It was the perfect wedding reception until the bride, Tori Tumolo, had to leave abruptly by ambulance due to an allergic reaction. Now, thanks to the generosity of a catering company and local vendors, the South Jersey couple has the chance to re-do their wedding reception.

The couple originally thought it was in the clear. The wedding was held at St. Mary’s Church in Williamstown, N.J. on a beautiful, sunny day. The forecast called for rain, but they dodged that bullet.

“[We] thought it was going to be a good omen for a good day,” Tori told FOX 29.

And it was, so far.

The couple left the church and headed to Auletto Caterers in Deptford, N.J. They had cocktails and dinner, mingled and hit the dance floor. But when Tori was dancing, she started to not feel well.

“Maybe I’m overwhelmed or it’s just nerves or…” Tori thought.

Then Tori describes the feeling of her throat closing. She started to itch, thinking “this can’t be happening now.”

Coincidentally, Tori is a nurse, and she knew she was having a serious allergic reaction to something she ate.

“You need to get my parents,” she said at the time. “I think I have to go to the hospital.”

The father of the bride administered Tori’s EpiPen through her wedding dress

“At that point I didn't really panic,” Dominic Tumolo, the groom, told FOX 29. “I just wanted to make sure the ambulance got there and got everyone settled and then go to the hospital.”

And off they went, leaving their 250 guests halfway through the reception.

“This is driving me crazy, she didn't get to cut her cake” Jim Auletto, owner of Auletto Caterers, said. “It never happened before, so we have to do something.”

Auletto sympathized for the newlyweds and contacted them on their honeymoon, offering a complimentary reception re-do.

“Mr. Auletto emailed us, and she just started crying because she was so happy,” Dominic said. “We called her parents to let them know the good news.”

Only half the guests who went to the first reception could attend round two, but Tori and Dominic were grateful for the chance to cut their cake and celebrate (sans hospital visit) with their family and friends.

Photo: Jay and Sandi Cassario of Twisted Oaks Photography