NJ gym manager fired over run-ins with black members

A gym in New Jersey has fired three of its employees after some black men were kicked out this week. LA Fitness has apologized. But that hasn't stopped the shock and outrage over how the men were treated.

"I've been a member for a long time I don't feel like I should have been treated like that," Jhakari Jones told Fox 5 News.

He said had a problem with a manager at the LA Fitness in Secaucus. So he recorded what he felt like was clear harassment and racial bias.

"He harassed me when I was at the front desk. He forced me to go get an ID," Jones said. "Clearly, my picture is in the screen that he's looking at—he's looking at my profile with my face and then he told me to go outside and get my ID. He gave me a problem for nothing."

His experience was not unlike a separate incident that happened just days later to two other young African American men who both said that exact same manager called the police on them even though they checked in properly with memberships and guest tags.

Gym employees told me that manager who was relatively new and two other employees were recently fired because of everything that happened.

The Secaucus Police Department, which responded to the second incident, released a statement.

"The officers utilized their training and empathized with all involved to resolve the situation and protect all of their civil liberties," Captain Dennis Miller said in the statement.

So will Jones cancel his membership?

"As far as the membership—I really like it, it's convenient," Jones said. "But if they have staff like that, I really wouldn't want to be here."