NJ school nurse alerts mom to boy's cancer

Nathan Campbell, 6, of Collingswood, New Jersey is in remission from Leukemia and, according to his mother, they have the school nurse to thank.

Zane North Elementary School nurse Patricia Butler, who is also a NICU nurse at a local hospital, says she insisted Nate see a doctor immediately because she noticed something odd in his 'translucent' skin color.

"He wasn't eating. He was sad and he was crying. I took him over to compare his skin color to his brother. When I sat them down the sun light was coming from behind them. I could see the veins. They were visible in his ears, neck and face.  I called his mom and said please take him (to the doctor). I've only seen this coloring once in 25 years being a nurse. I could be wrong."

Nate's doctor ran some blood tests and a few hours later he was rushed to a local children's hospital.

"His hemoglobin was 3.9. They said 'we don't know how he's even standing up,' " said Nicole Campbell.

Nate was treated for Leukemia and months later is doing great.

"She was such a life saver," said Campbell.

"They are like my own children. I advocate for them," said Butler.