Nonprofit concerned for animal safety after AC unit breaks... again

Four times in six weeks, that is how many times the Georgia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said its air conditioning unit has been broken.

"The most recent being Wednesday," Executive Director Jacki McDonald said. "It was cooler outside than it was inside."

It is a major concern for the nonprofit.

"You'd walk in and you could just feel the heat hit you," McDonald said.

McDonald said they acted fast to get their 40 dogs, both adults and puppies, in safe conditions.

"We brought in fans, used ice cubes, but the puppies can't regulate their temperature as good as adults can," McDonald said. "They are in stainless steel cages, so it basically houses heat. We had to move them."

An area used for meet and greets was now home to dozens of puppies.

"To hear them panting and then to see their little hearts go up and down it was like they were having a heart attack," McDonald said.

But come Friday, the unit was back up and running. Now it is a race against time to get the unit replaced before it goes out again.

"This will limit our capacity and limit our ability to find forever homes for our fosters," McDonald said.

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