Officials: Active butane hash oil lab causes house fire, man in critical condition

Investigators believe an active butane hash oil lab caused a home to go up in flames last night with one man inside.

"Flames coming out the window at his house, they were touching our house so we were very concerend about our house going up in flames, too," said a neighbor.

The man inside the home came knocking on his neighbor's door around 10 p.m.

"I opened the door and he had terrible burns on his right arm and his feet and his face and he said, 'House burning, house burning,'" said a neighbor.

The neighbor, who wanted to stay anonymous, says he never really knew the man.

"I didn't even recognize him. He's been a neighbor, we've been here for five years. He's a very quiet individual. We never really see him much, but we say hi and everything when we meet outside, but that's about all," said the neighbor.

Investigators say more than 70 cans of butane were found inside along with a hash oil extractor, raw marijuana and butane honey oil. Plus, remnants of a marijuana grow found at the home.

Neighbors say they're shocked.

"It's a good neighborhood, everyone is friendly to each other and gets along," said Steven Valenti.

As for one neighbor, he says they luckily only had some damage done to their window.

The man inside was taken to the hospital. He suffered third degree burns on his head, arms and legs, and severe burns to his lungs. He still remains in critical condition.

No one else lives in the home.