Officials: St. Joseph University student died from fall in Bermuda

Officials say that St. Joseph University student  Mark Dombroski  died from a fall in Bermuda. According to officials, no foul play is suspected and it appears to be a tragic accident

"My conclusions from my examination are that Mark died from a fall from a height and I found no evidence of foul play,” Forensic Pathologist Dr. Christopher Milroy said in a Thursday press conference.

A forensic pathologist saying a fall from a 35-foot cliff resulted in the death of Mark Dombroski. He says it was an accident. In a heartbreaking turn, Bermuda police also say the body of the 19-year-old St. Joe’s freshman was found by a search party made up of police and his own two brothers.

Bermuda broadcasting producer Patrick Singleton showed us the old colonial era fort where Dombroski's body was found on Monday.

It’s believed Dombroski walked for 45 minutes down a remote road leaving his teammates behind at a bar early Sunday morning. However, he walked in the opposite direction from where he was staying.  The big questionwas he confused wandering under the darkness of a new moon in a strange country?

"It’s a tragedy a young man comes to Bermuda to play in a sports competition and ends up dead," Singleton said.

Back at home, a GoFundMe site has been established to setup a foundation in Dombroski's honor by his St. Joe’s rugby teammatesa fund that’s already exceeded its goal.

But just what led up to his final minutes? We may never know.

"There may be questions we may never be able to answer. But we will do all our best efforts to get a clearer picture of what took place,” Bermuda Police Sean Field-Lament said.

St. Joseph's University released the following statement reading in part:

"The Saint Joseph’s University community is heartbroken tonight to learn from the Bermuda Police Services (BPS) in Hamilton that student Mark Dombroski has died. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Dombroski family along with Mark’s teammates, classmates and friends. Saint Joseph’s students in need of counseling or ministry have been informed of available services. The circumstances of Mark’s death are still under investigation by the BPS."