On the trail of a whale

An entangled whale was spotted off the coast of the Jersey Shore. This whale is caught in what looks like fishing rope and a buoy.

This is obviously a very dangerous situation for a marine mammal, so researchers from Gotham Whale sought out to try and find this whale.

In Rockaway, they boarded their vessel, the American Princess, to be on a search and rescue mission.

Catherine Granton, a marine Educator and research assistant, explained what they were looking for.
"You are looking for disruption in the water. Whales breathe through their blowhole and you'll see it spout upwards," she said.
Captain Tom stopped the boat, saying he saw a splash in the water ahead, and they were ready to start looking for whales.
The researchers weren’t having any luck at their first location so they moved closer to Sandy Hook where the entangled whale was last seen -- and then it happened.
Not one but two humpback whales emerged from the water.

Following them along their path as they ate bunker fish, it was obvious when the whales were going to come out because you would start to see the fish jumping in a particular area.
They didn't find the entangled whale, but anyone who sees the humpback or any other entangle whale may call the Stranding & Disentanglement Hotline 1-866-755-NOAA(6622).
Chasing News asked Granton what people can do to make sure the whales keep coming back.

"Use one less plastic bag a day," Granton advised. "Plastic bags get in the ocean and hurt aquatic life."