Oregon occupiers: patriots or outlaws?

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Anger is boiling over in America; from the inner-city to the high desert.

Militiamen are still holding their position at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, two weeks after taking over.

The leader is Ammon Bundy, the son of Cliven Bundy, who ran off federal agents from his ranch two years in Nevada. But who are these guys? And what do they want?

A month ago, Jon Ritzheimer had never heard of the bird preserve in Oregon's high desert. Now, he's ready to die for it. But he maintains he's a reasonable man.

But in the case of the armed occupation of a federal bird sanctuary in Oregon, they forgot a simple principle of the West:  If you’re gonna pick a fight, pick it in a place where the townsfolk actually want you.

Otherwise, you just might be going home in a body bag.

Charlie LeDuff and the Americans report with an exclusive report. See inside their compound as he tries to answer the question: are they patriots or outlaws.