Outpouring of support for wounded honeymooner

It was a beautiful wedding followed one year later by a picture-perfect honeymoon in Puerto Rico. That was until robbers shot 34-year-old Kendric as he tried to protect his wife from armed robbers at a park in San Juan.

"The guy hops off the moped and as he got closer, we realized he had a gun," Kenyada said from her husband's bedside at Augusta Medical Center.

Kenyada told FOX's 5 Portia Bruner her husband jumped in front of her just before the young gunman opened fire the night of May 1.

"He fired one shot and my husband fell to the ground.  It pierced his shoulder and his spine. I rolled him over and there was blood all over the ground," she said.

According to the Tylers, doctors at the Medical College of Augusta said Kendric will likely remain paralyzed below the neck. But the juvenile justice law enforcement officer said he has no plans for a long-term paralysis and no regrets about taking a bullet for his wife.

"Absolutely, that's what you're supposed to do. That's your wife," said Kendric.

The couple is grateful for the support of strangers who contributed to their GoFundMe me page after seeing the videos of Kendric's physical therapy. His wife posts the videos on her Facebook page.

They also hope people will learn a valuable lesson from their ordeal about doing research before you travel. The Tylers learned the spot where they were robbed was a popular target for robbers looking for tourists.

"People need to find out if it's safe at night and if it's safe during the day and what the crime has been like in the area. I don't think this would have happened if we hadn't been in that area and we would have been in that particular area at 10:30 at night if we had done our research," Kenyada said.

Kendric is focused on his recovery and looking forward to his transfer to Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

"I have faith in God. I know he's going to pull me through this," said the South Carolina native.

Anyone who would like to donate to the fund can do so by clicking here.