Parents take to Georgia Capitol to support medical marijuana

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Patients using medical marijuana and their families gathered at the State Capitol Friday asking lawmakers to support increased use of the drug.

Organizers said they are fighting for House Bill 65. This bill would add several more things to the list of qualifying conditions including Autism and PTSD.

“He's had seizures every day for 32 years and now we are actually going 24 to 48 hours without any. So, it has been a medical miracle to us,” one parent said.

It also would allow the legal THC limit to stay at 5-percent instead of a lowered 3-percent that the senate is considering.

Parents say they also want it to be easier to get medical marijuana.

“There is no way to buy it. There is no legal way to buy it in Georgia. so, if you can't go to a legal state and even then you'd have to go to a recreation state, so there's only eight states you go to, right you have to buy it and bring it back,” said Sebastian Cotte, Georgia Hopes Co-Founder.

“We need to be able to grow, cultivate and dispense here in Georgia. We don't need to be risk being drug traffickers for our children's safety and our children's wellbeing,” said Jim Wages, parent of medical marijuana using patient.

Parents in attendance said the goal was to talk face-to-face with lawmakers, and explain their personal reasons for why they support HB 65.