Philadelphia mass shooting: Victims identified in shooting that killed 5, suspect in custody

Authorities have identified five people who were killed when they say a gunman opened fire through the streets of a Philadelphia neighborhood Monday evening. 

Police say the barrage of gunfire began around 8:30 p.m. when officers were flagged down at the intersection of 56th and Chester streets in Kingsessing. 

Responding officers discovered multiple gunshot victims and spent shell casings at that scene and continued to hear gunfire coming from nearby on Frazier Street. 

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says officers caught up with the gunman and were able to corner him in a back alley on the 1600 block of Frazier Street and take him into custody.

Police say charges are pending against the 40-year-old male suspect. Law enforcement sources have identified the suspect as Kimbrady Carriker. 

Investigators say he was wearing a bulletproof vest equipped with multiple magazines, and armed with an AR-style rifle and a handgun. He also allegedly had a police scanner with him when he was arrested.

A search of his home later revealed another handgun, ammunition matching bullets from the scene and a handwritten will, according to officials.

The rampage claimed the lives of five people, including a man who was found dead inside a home near the scene in the hours following the shooting. Police believe the victim was the first one who was shot to death by the suspect.

Two other victims were struck by gunfire during the incident; a 13-year-old boy and a 2-year-old boy. Both children were shot in the legs, and are said to be in stable condition.

The 2-year-old was shot while riding in the backseat with his twin brother while his mom was driving, and his 10-year-old sister was riding in the passenger seat. No one else in the car was hit with bullets, but they were injured by shattered glass, with the 2-year-old sibling suffering injuries to the eyes from the glass.

Police identified the five victims who were killed in a press release Tuesday morning.

  • Daujan Brown, 15
  • Lashyd Merritt, 20
  • Dymir Stanton, 29
  • Joseph Wamah Jr., 31
  • Ralph Moralis, 59


Philadelphia mass shooting: Victim was shot to death after leaving his house to go to store

The brother of a young man who was killed in a mass shooting in Philadelphia said his brother had just stepped outside to go to the store when he was fatally shot.

A second person was also taken into custody following the incident, but was later released without being charged.

During a press conference Wednesday, officials confirmed that the second person taken into custody was the brother of one of the victims.

After his brother was shot, officials say he fired seven bullets in the direction of the shooter with his legally owned firearm. None of the shots struck the suspect.

"We have absolutely no idea why this happened," Outlaw said Monday night. "At this point, all we know is that this person left their home and decided to target individuals."

Officials later said they don't believe the suspected shooter has any connection to the victims, or that the victims have any connection to each other.


Outlaw lauded the "bravery" and "courage" shown by the responding officers to bring the gunman into custody without incident.

"Thank god our officers were here on scene, they responded as quickly as they did, I can't even describe the level of bravery and courage that was shown in addition to the restraint," she said. Monday.