Planned Parenthood of Arizona sees surge in IUD requests since Election Day

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Women who have relied on Planned Parenthood or the Affordable Care Act insurance for health care, such as contraceptives, are worried that very soon, those options will disappear.

"IUD stands for  intrauterine device and it's the most effective form of birth control you can get," said Tayler Tucker of Planned Parenthood Arizona.

Planned Parenthood Arizona says requests for IUDs, a long-term contraceptive for women, began surging after election day in November.

"64 percent up since Election Day here in Arizona and then across the nation. We've seen an increase of 900 percent of requests for IUDs," said Tucker.

Women are concerned that Planned Parenthood will be de-funded and that the ACA, also called "Obamacare" will be dismantled. Planned Parenthood says women are rushing to get long-term birth control like IUDs.

"It's definitely so much stress," said Rebecca Jenkins.

Jenkins says she and her other college aged friends are scrambling to lock in their birth control long term either with implantable devices or IUDs, which are effective for several years.

The fear is that their out of pocket cost of birth control will skyrocket with ACA insurance or Planned Parenthood.

"Need to pay hundreds of dollars for whatever contraceptive I've been using and I might not be able to swing that, especially being in college and already having other things I'm already paying for," she said.

Tucker says they want to assure all women that this fight for women's healthcare is one Planned Parenthood is prepared for.

"We've been here for a hundred years. We've been here since 1916 and we're not going to back down."

The group is encouraging women to call Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain and tell them what they are losing if ACA and Planned Parenthood are no longer options for their healthcare.