Police: $10K cash, $30K in jewelry swiped during home invasion

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A neighborhood is on edge after a terrifying home invasion in Johns Creek last weekend. 

It happened Saturday night at a home on Tuckerbrook Lane. Police said the attackers got away with $10,000 in cash and $30,000 in jewelry.

“She banged on the door in a loud way it was startling,” the neighbor of the victim said.

Police said the victim was zip tied as she knocked on the neighbor’s door just minutes after the horrifying home invasion.

“Went to the door could see someone there but could tell she was traumatized,” the neighbor said.

According to Johns Creek Police, the woman who lives in this house on Tuckerbrook Lane was home alone when she heard noises outside her home. The woman told police the attacker zip-tied her wrists and ankles and then threw her on the ground before demanding all her money.

Once the man took off, the victim managed to break free from the zip ties and ran to her neighbor’s home.

“We felt lucky that she came here and we were home and to help and we hope others will learn a lesson if others came to their house,” the neighbor said.