Police chase mini horse through Haltom City

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In what may be the strangest police ride-along ever, a teenager helped police round up a stray pony.

The Haltom City Police Department said it got a call over the weekend about loose livestock on Beach Street. It turned out to be a miniature horse that had gotten free.

It just so happened that 17-year-old Colby Caudle was riding along with the responding officers. He is a rodeo competitor and went back to his truck to get a rope.

Riding in the passenger seat of the police car, Caudle leaned out of the window and tried to lasso the pony. The mini horse chase went on for several miles.

"I got back inside the car and I was completely out of breath. I kept trying to rope it and finally, I threw my loop. I kinda got it around his head. Three guys came and put hands on him and he calmed down and it all worked out," he said.

“So if you hear stories today of a young man hanging out of a police Tahoe chasing a miniature horse and throwing a lasso like something out of a bizarre movie last night… it absolutely happened in Haltom City,” the police department said on Facebook.

Animal control later returned the horse to its owner.