Police: Mom arrested for DUI had 4 kids in car, crashed twice

A Florida woman has been arrested for driving under the influence, while traveling with four children inside her car, Orlando police officers say.  Her arrest came after investigators said she twice crashed her car. 

Police say the trouble started on West Colonial Drive, when Luvasia McCreary crashed her car into the side of another, but instead of stopping to make sure the other driver was okay or exchanging information, she hung a left of Tampa Avenue and kept going.

Investigators say a witness followed behind and watched as McCreary then crashed her blue car up onto the curb at the corner of Stryker St. and Peterson Pl. The sound of impact got Anne Burton's attention.  

"When I came out and I looked, I told my husband, 'There's children in the car!'" Burton says.

She says the front tires were facing different directions, an airbag was deployed, and there was smoke billowing out from under the hood.

"She was trying to back the car up, and the car wouldn't go, because the axle was hung up in the grass, because she hit the curb," says Burton.

When one of Burton's neighbors pulled up, three of the children were in the road asking for help.  

"Come help my mom," says Burton.  

She says her neighbor put the three children -- the oldest only 7 years old -- in her car.  

"They asked, 'Where's the baby?'  She said, 'What baby?' and then she went back over to see and I saw her walk back with the baby in her arms.  She picked the baby up off the floor."

Responding officers say McCreary reeked of booze and she failed a field sobriety test.  McCreary is now charged with DUI while accompanied by minors, leaving the scene of a crash,  nd child neglect.  OPD says the investigating officer found a bottle of rum under the drivers seat.  

While McCreary was hauled off to jail, records show Orlando Fire Rescue took all four children to the hospital to be checked out.  McCreary is now out of jail on bond.