Police say more victims of former Ala. corrections officer likely

Investigators fear there could be more victims of a former Alabama correctional officer accused of sexual assault.

Investigators said they have cases dating back 10 years in at least three states including Georgia, more specifically in Sandy Springs and Cobb County

Federal, state, and local authorities all believe there are more victims out there. They hope that these victims will see this man cannot hurt them anymore and they're asking them to come forward no matter what the circumstances were.

"I think we all agree there are a lot more victims out there," said Murang Pak, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI.

It was an appeal from law enforcement in three different states, asking women who could be victims of sexual assault by a former Alabama Correctional officer, to come forward.

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Two weeks ago, Sandy Springs Police arrested Matthew Moore at Saint Clair Correctional Facility in Alabama. They said they've linked him to sexual assaults in three states, spanning the last ten years.

"When we took Moore into custody we executed a search warrant for his DNA that was processed by GBI and confirmed," said Detective Will Johnson, Sandy Springs Police Department.

Sandy Springs Police started working this case in 2010. They had a victim, collected DNA evidence, and entered it into the FBI database. Then in 2015, they had a similar case.

"Because of the similarities in the suspect description, manner of assault, and the fact the victim as contacted on backpage.com our detectives began researching this case and found other similarities in metro and region," said Deputy Chief Keith Zgonc, Sandy Springs Police Department.

Authorities said they linked Moore to a sexual assault in Cobb County, two in the Birmingham area, and possibly another in Florida.

"This case is a perfect example of how federal, state, local law enforcement officers can partner, work together coordinate their efforts and solve a case that's very important to solve," said Zgonc.

Moore had been a corrections officer in Alabama for the past 18 years.

Police said he would find his victims online, searching sexual or massage ads. They said in some cases he'd pretend to be an officer, and would use a weapon to force his way into motel rooms.

Authorities describe him as a violent sexual predator.