Attempted carjacking suspect shot with own gun after victim gains control in Philadelphia driveway

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating a shooting where an attempted robbery victim gained control over a suspect and shot him. 

According to police, the attempted robbery occurred on the 8000 block of Rodney Street in a driveway at 11:24 a.m. 

Authorities say a 69-year-old man was unloading groceries from his car when a 24-year-old suspect approached him, saying, "This is a robbery," and pointed a gun at him. 

After a struggle over the weapon ensued, the victim was able to gain control of the gun, which discharged one time, grazing the suspect in the abdomen, according to police. 

Neighbors reportedly heard the struggle, and immediately called police.

Police say they do not believe the victim was targeted during the incident, and say the suspect was likely just "cruising" the neighborhood.

"See someone by themselves and take an opportunity," said Philadelphia Police Capt. John Walker.


Officials say the suspect was transported to Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he was placed in stable condition. Police say the victim sustained an injury from a bite on his hand, but he did not seek medical treatment. 

Walker commended the victim's "courage," however, he says he does not recommend fighting back in every situation.

According to authorities, police recovered the weapon used and the suspect is under arrest. FOX 29's Kelly Rule reports the suspect will be charged with robbery, carjacking and other crimes.

Walker later confirmed the victim will not be charged.