Police: Tattoo artist arrested for pulling gun on federal agent

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Smyrna Police reported a bizarre crime involving one of the best-known tattoo artists in the state.

A customer said Brandon Bond pulled a gun on him while he was in the chair getting a tattoo.

Before the tattoo was complete, the customer said Bond demanded $500 from him and would not let him leave.

And there is more to this unusual story. The customer is a federal officer and Bond knew it. Still, he allegedly challenged the man.

Smyrna authorities can only speculate on a possible motive. They think Bond became angry when the customer questioned the drawing, specifically the lines that were part of the tattoo.

The customer gave Bond the money that was demanded, walked out of the shop, and notified local police.

When the first officers got to the tattoo parlor, they said they could smell alcohol and discovered illegal drugs as well.

The well-known artist mixes with celebrities like Nas and a cast member from Atlanta housewives. His surroundings changed quite a bit over the past few weeks; four walls and a jail face bowl.

Bond has gotten out. In front of him are serious charges including false imprisonment and aggravated assault.