Protesters gather outside home of man protesting 'stacking'

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Police lights flash as crowds of young people shout.

Morristown Latinos are furious with Speedwell Avenue homeowner Gregg Bruen, whom they call a racist.

"We're against racism, and he's representing everything that's not okay," one protester said.

Signs on Bruen's Speedwell Avenue lawn call out illegal immigrants for "stacking" -- or living 30 to a house. They also say Morristown officials are doing nothing about the practice.

Bruen, who says stacking is a fire hazard, wasn't home during the demonstration.

Civil rights workers Edward Correa and Emiliano Lemos sat with Bruen earlier in the day.  They say all they want is a civil dialogue.

Lemos said the discussion was constructive and that he agrees with Bruen that Morristown needs more affordable housing. But Correa said the way he went about making the point is faulted.

"We don't believe in the stereotyping of the community.  He came across with some of the signs he had up yesterday as stereotyping the Latino and the Columbian community, and that's wrong.” Correa said.

Bruen was actually across the street at a neighbor's home, watching the action.

He said it's the last act of a soon-to-be former Morristown resident, "Well, actually, I'm moving. My life has been threatened 25 times. But no, I've already prepared my exit. I wouldn't have put up a single sign if didn't have my exit planned."

About 100 protesters were present at the demonstration, and more protests may occur.

Rumors from some that Donald Trump may pay a visit to Morristown now that the debate is over are not confirmed.