Punches, brawl breaks out at fundraiser benefiting students

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The 7th Annual Douglas County Chamber Cornhole Tournament ended Sunday in a shocking manner when a fight broke out between participants.

"There was a lot of arguing so I got closer and then I saw the beer thrown so I pulled out my phone," Alex Cannon said.

Alex Cannon captured the moment punches were thrown and T-shirts were ripped off at Foxhall Resort.

"There was an exchange of words over scoring," Cannon said. "I think that's what caused it."

The event hosted by the Chamber's Program for Young Professionals raises scholarship money for high school students who demonstrate outstanding leadership.

"These are people who are supposed to be setting an example and instead they end up getting into a physical altercation?" Douglas County resident Tommy Vanbecelaere said. "It's absolutely ridiculous."

Two-year Douglas County resident Tommy Vanbecelaere said he's disappointed adults would act in that manner especially at an event benefiting high school students.

"This is for charity so why did it come to this?" Vanbecelaere said. "It's silly."

The Douglas County Chamber who sponsored the event sent us this statement saying part, "It is unfortunate that an event that has been so successful in providing scholarships for students and young professionals for the past seven years was overshadowed by a small group of people on Sunday acting inappropriately.