Puppy found in plastic dies, Michigan Humane Society offering $5k reward to find person responsible

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The Michigan Humane Society is offering $5,000 to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for leaving a puppy wrapped in plastic.

The Michigan Humane Society rescued the animal, he was found on a sidewalk Friday night in Detroit.

It’s being investigated as animal cruelty making it clear it’s very possible someone wrapped up an innocent puppy in plastic and left it there on the sidewalk to freeze, cold and wet.

What kind of person would do this to an innocent animal?

”Is that supposed to make it better? No, it makes it worse it’s like he’s nothing but garbage,” pet owner Sandra Lamoureaux said.

The animal was wrapped in something thinner than a construction tarp but thicker than saran wrap, and then maybe placed on the cold sidewalk possibly there for hours.

“This is definitely up there in terms of the neglect that this poor animal endured,” Anna Chrisman said MHS Communications Manager.

The Shepard puppy, about three months old was picked up Friday mid-morning. Crews at an emergency clinic looked after him diligently for hours. 

“It was really touching though, we really didn't know if the little guy would make it," Chrisman said.

The little guy didn't  make it through the night dying early the next morning. 

A tip from someone in northwest Detroit got the Michigan humane society’s attention,
but the organization won’t say where it happened exactly because of their investigation policies.

Besides the obvious, it didn't appear the dog was mistreated in any other way.

Call 1800-SPEAKUP if you can help.