Puppy found with duct tape wrapped around neck, head

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A 7-month-old lab mix puppy is recovering from a horrible case of animal abuse in Fulton County. Eve was found wrapped in duct tape around her head and neck, but thanks to the folks at the Fulton County Animal Shelter, as of Friday, she was thriving.

Police have since become involved trying to find the person responsible for the cruel actions towards the sweet pup. Eve was found the morning of Feb. 25 and her rescue was caught on the responding officer’s body camera. Eve was covered from the neck all the way up to the mouth, nose and even eyes, just sitting there on camera.

Shelter employees, who gave her the name Eve, said she is just a happy, loving, playful puppy, but is a bit fearful and rightly so after what someone did to her. In fact, they said by all accounts, when they found her, she appeared to be healthy and showed no signs of abuse. She even had a blue harness on.

Officials call it disgusting, depressing, and even heartbreaking. Now, shelter officials and Atlanta Police want to find the person or people responsible. They said if it wasn’t for a passerby calling it in, Eve may not be here today. They fear the young pup could have ended up suffocating, attacked by another animal, falling off the edge of the roadway, or even walking into the path of a car.