Restaurant claims they are targeted after separate fires

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A Valley restaurant says they are being targeted after a separate fires burned the bathroom and the owner's car.

Surveillance video shows a woman in baggy clothes and a ski hat walk into Los Toritos on New  Year's Eve.

The woman wanted to use a restroom, so an employee gives her the keys and less than five minutes later, she rushes out the door. Police say she was in the restroom when she started a fire.

Ceasar Rodriguez is a manager at the restaurant. He didn't want his face shown on camera, but he says he was there that morning.

"I just see the lady running right here in the parking lot," he said.

When he smelled the flames, he grabbed his employees and everyone ran out. Rodriguez says there was motor oil poured near the trash cans to fuel the fire.

"We just saw a lot of water come through the bathroom and smell like fire," he said.

This bathroom fire is just one of many incidents Ceasar says they've dealt with at Los Toritos. In November, he says they came outside and found his uncle's car on fire right next to the restaurant.

Surveillance video captured it when the truck burst into flames after a man was seen pouring liquid inside.

"When we come outside I saw the truck on fire," he said.

Before the truck was set on fire, two men can be seen in the video smashing the windows. On Wednesday, Ceasar showed us bullet holes in their drive-thru menu and he says someone shot at the restaurant in September.

"Do you think someone is targeting your restaurant?" I asked.

"Yes... for sure," he said.

Rodriguez says the apparent attacks started after his uncle took ownership last year. At his point, he says he doesn't feel safe working there.

"I'm scared, I always watching the camera cause I work the night shift," he said.

The woman suspected of starting the fire is described as either a White or Hispanic female between 5'4" and 5'7." Police believe she is between the ages of 22 and 30.

If you have any information, please call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.