Retired Army paratrooper creates easier way to eat cereal

A retired Army paratrooper and now artist has tested an entirely different set of skills and turned a simple cereal bowl into something even better: Cereal A GO!

"Remove the lid, squeeze the handle, milk goes into the bowl," Jesse Fairchild said. "With one hand, eat a bowl of cereal, or with two."

If necessity is the mother of all invention, Jesse Fairchild could be onto something.

"Necessity in the middle of the desert driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the middle of the night, I saw there was only fast food," he said.

That's when Fairchild had a vision -- Cereal A GO! His original sketch from November of 2006 is a reminder of how far he has come in the past 10 years.

"Cereal A GO! is the world's only package that can combine a liquid and solid and one utensil ready to go anywhere to provide a meal where otherwise a meal wouldn't be provided," he said.

Fairchild has met with executives at Kellogg's, spoken to General Mills, Post and Malt-O-Meal. Cereal A GO! is patented, trademarked, service-marked and copyright protected.

"That's what's patented about it because all the other patents out there try to mix the substances, but they have forgotten to put a spout that goes from one container to the next," he said.

Inside the cup of Cereal A GO! is a message, a mantra that Fairchild has followed for over a decade. He's hopeful his passion for simplicity, ease and an environmentally conscious cereal container will become reality.

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