Road rage: SUV driver in Sacramento stomps on Honda, kicks window

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A man is in custody following a suspected road rage incident in Sacramento that was captured on video on Monday near Highway 50.

The footage, shot by Nikki Guinn, shows a man behind the wheel of a white Chevy TrailBlazer, ramming into a blue Honda sedan. The outraged driver then gets out of his SUV, climbs onto the other car, and begins stomping and kicking the windows. 

Guinn could not believe what she was seeing. 

VIDEO: Road rage in Sacramento

"My thought was, I witnessed someone's mental breakdown,” she told Sacramento affilate, KXTL. “What was he going through? Why would he do that? We don’t know."

Police said the SUV driver, identified as 40-year-old Jose Alvarez had drugs in his system, when he was arrested. He faces felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and vandalism. The driver of the other car suffered minor injuries.