Roger Goodell slips in snow, Fox 9 photographer comes to rescue

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell got to experience "Minnesota nice" first hand at a Super Bowl event Thursday - thanks to the helping hand of a Fox 9 photographer.

Goodell was visiting Anwatin Middle School in south Minneapolis, celebrating the school as the final recipient of the Super Bowl Host Committee's 52 Weeks of Giving Campaign. The school received a $220,000 grant, which will go toward the athletic field and creating a garden. Goodell and other leaders commemorated the moment with a "snow-shoveling" instead of a groundbreaking.

After, Goodell started playing catch with students in the snow. When one pass went over his head, Goodell took a tumble and fell backwards in the snow. Luckily, Fox 9 photographer Rod Wermager came to Goodell's rescue and offered a hand to help him up -- all while still getting the shot for news.

"It was natural instinct," said Wermager. "When you see a guy fall down, you got to help a guy in need."

Now, if only Goodell's thank you could come with some free Super Bowl tickets!