Santa Rosa man loses nearly everything in fire. Except for his cat

A Santa Rosa man lost nearly everything in the fire. Except for his cat.

Ed Ratliff’s home on Giorno Court was destroyed by the Tubbs Fire on Monday night. He lost his clothes. He lost his furniture. And he lost Milo, his beloved Siberian furry feline.

He lived with Milo, who scampered off, nowhere to be found, soon after the flames engulfed the street.
As Ratliff tried to figure out how to put his life back together, foremost on his mind was finding his pet and making sure Milo was safe. Finally, on Thursday that relief came.

An officer patrolling the street looked under a Honda Civic and lo and behold, found little Milo, crouched in one of his favorite neighborhood hideouts.

The officer, captured on a video camera, is seen crouching below the car, urging Milo to come out, enticing him with a biscuit. Milo was persuaded. Eventually, the cat ventured out into the sunlight. The officer secured him with a blue leash, bringing him back home to his happy owner.

He was "stoked," Ratliff said of his father's reaction.

Ratliff and Milo reunited at the animal care center, where the cat was dehydrated, a bit sleepy, but overall, escaped pretty unscathed minus a scratched claw.