School crossing guard's car stolen while she's at work

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She's up bright and early making sure children get to school safely. But one afternoon, after the last child was on her way home, crooks stopped a crossing guard in her tracks.

Helen Powers had parked her car near the crosswalk to F. L. Stanton Elementary School. She said she walked over and unlocked her car to put her safety vest and stop sign in the backseat. She said that's when a black car with three young men inside pulled up next to her.

"He basically pulled up, hopped in my car, smirked at me, and just looked at me like 'we got her,'" said Powers.

Powers tried to go after them and convinced another driver to help her.

"I'm running, putting my vest back on, I'm stopping traffic back and forth and I said 'Hey I need you to take me down the street because my car just got carjacked,'" said Powers.

Powers and the driver took off, but the thieves had a head start. Powers didn't catch the crooks or the car.

Earlene Davenport's child goes to F. L. Stanton. She said she sees Powers every morning in the crosswalk and has often been concerned about her safety.

"I've often worried about her, she's the only one out here, just her and her car," said Davenport.

Powers is still out here, helping to keep the children safe, but she said when the day is done, she's looking over her shoulder.

"I'm constantly watching my back. I don't unlock my door until I get my hand on the door handle. I'm afraid somebody will do that again," said Powers.