School's peace garden destroyed

It's not right.  In fact, it just might be wrongness defined.

Somebody, possibly several somebodies on all-terrain vehicles and 4x4s ran roughshod over school grounds at Lankenau High School in North Philadelphia last week, wheeling out all over the property. Several gardens were ruined, as were the athletic fields.

"It looks like they had their fun," senior Noah Mathis said. "But their fun is costing us our gardens. Our gym class is what we used that field for. So their fun cost us a lot of activities at school."

The tire tracks ran all over the school's front lawn and around to the back, where the vehicles spent plenty of time and energy tearing up the better part of an acre. The incident is under investigation by Philadelphia Police, and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society paid the school a visit on Monday to offer help. Principal Karen Dean said barriers and security cameras will be installed and that neighbors and local businesses have offered help in the recovery effort.