Second rare opah fish caught by same fishing crew in Ocean City

A sport fishing crew that made headlines last month has caught yet another of the same rare fish.

Austin Ensor and his fishing crew have caught another rare opah fish in West Ocean City, Maryland on Saturday.

The crew was fishing out of Sunset Marine in  West Ocean City. This is the second rare Opah for this crew in a month within the same area.

The 159-pound fish beat his predecessor by over 50 pounds.

The opah, while rare, is more commonly found by fisherman in warmer waters near Hawaii and California.

The opahs Ensor and his friends have caught might be the only two ever caught in Ocean City by a non-commercial fishing boat.

It remains unclear why the opah would be in such cold waters in Maryland.

Temperatures of the waters near Ocean City were in the low 50s on Saturday, according to NOAA.