Security officer threatened with apartment graffiti

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A security officer in Spring is not feeling particularly secure where he lives right now. That's because of threatening graffiti painted just outside his apartment. The spray painted words appeared on Sunday while he was not at home. He called attention to it by posting pictures of the graffiti on his Facebook page.

“It definitely seems to be targeted towards me, given its location,” Kieran Bonsey told FOX 26 over the telephone. “It’s literally on the exterior wall of my bedroom.”

Bonsey says the words “F*** the poilce [sic]” and “Revolutionarios see and not heard” were spray painted in green on the building’s brick wall, along with what could be the number 18 or 78.

Bonsey says it’s no secret what he does for a living. He says as a commissioned security officer, he’s always seen at the apartment complex in uniform and driving a marked unit. He filed a report with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Monday morning, and Montgomery County sent out a gang task force unit to take a look.

“They did examine it, and they didn't believe it was gang affiliated.” said Lt. Brady Fitzgerald, a sheriff’s department spokesman. “Of course, they did contact agencies in the area, and agencies haven't seen anything similar.”

Nevertheless, Fitzgerald still understood why Bonsey was concerned
“Absolutely. Obviously, in the area which he lives, it could have been directed at him. He does wear a uniform himself. “

Imperial Chase Apartments quickly pressure washed the words off the brick, but the message will live forever on Bonsey’s Facebook page. He says some of his friends were so shocked, they didn't write a response. They picked up the phone.                

“Off the top of their head they said, ‘Time to move!’ and I kind of agree with them,” Bonsey told FOX 26. He just hopes the apartment complex will understand if he asks to be let out of his lease.