Sergeant delivers child's medical despite snow, ice

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A Paulding County family with a special needs child is very thankful to a sergeant with sheriff’s office who came to their rescue on Wednesday.

Like hundreds of thousands of others in metro Atlanta, Lyndsay Fulcher and family were trapped were trapped in their home because the roads were icy and treacherous. One of her three children is three-year-old Bobby.

"He is missing 111 genes off of his third chromosome," said Fulcher

She said the rare genetic disorder known as 3p Deletion Syndrome reveals itself more prominently when Bobby is hurting.

It happened Wednesday when icy roads stranded the family with bobby suffering from an excruciating sore throat and ear ache.

Unable to drive to pick up Bobby’s medicine, Lyndsay Fulcher sent a Facebook message to the Paulding County Sheriff's Office.

"He doesn't feel pain like other kids he's under sensitive so when he's crying he's in pain," said Fulcher.

Sgt. Ashley Henson who monitors social media for the Paulding County Sheriff's Office read the Facebook message.

"Question, since it's not safe to get out on the roads would an officer be willing to pick up my son's antibiotics on Kroger in 61 for us," said Sgt. Ashley Henson as he read the message from a computer screen.

Sgt. Henson told FOX 5 News he quickly got into his unmarked SUV, drove in the snow and ice to pick up the medicine at Kroger then went on to the Fulcher's home 13 miles away to deliver the prescription.

"I knew from having children myself that when you need medicine for your child it's a necessity. It was something I was glad to do and I'm glad it helped little Bobby," said Sgt. Henson.

"He's literally taking the term serve and protect and he's serving. He's putting the community above himself," said Fulcher.

Afterwards, Sgt. Henson and the Fulcher family took a selfie. Sgt. Henson is no stranger to cameras. He is the public information officer for the Paulding County Sheriff's Office who is seen often in the news explaining details of newsworthy events. But no cameras were present when he was helping little Bobby.

"And we like to be able to do that, give back," said Sgt. Henson.

"There are no words to explain how grateful we are," said Fulcher.

Little Bobby helped convey the family’s gratitude in a video shared with FOX 5 News and the Paulding County Sheriff's Office where the three-year-old is saying thank you in sign language.