Serial flasher caught on camera in Senoia

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Sight-seers in Senoia got more than they bargained for from a flasher who police said exposed himself to women on the city's main street.

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The Coweta County town is typically crowded with fans of the hit cable show "The Walking Dead" since that is where the show films. And because of that, Senoia has great security cameras which investigators said helped them identify and arrest the accused "serial flasher."

Police said the guy made a number of mistakes that helped them identify him quickly. The first was doing it in a town where there were so many security cameras. Another mistake was doing it on the main streets the same morning as the town’s traffic court.

The man seen on the surveillance video released by police was identified by investigators as Adam Smith. The video shows him walking around just after police said he had exposed himself to a woman in a store window. One of two victims.

One was in a store getting a manicure and a pedicure. He walked by the window and exposed himself," said Det. Michelle Worden, Senoia Police Department.

Police said Smith quickly ran across the street to do the same to a woman heading to one of Senoia's restaurants to lunch. The act is so subtle; police said Smith lifted up his sweat shirt to reveal that he was exposed below the waist.

Senoia is popular family town. Fans of The Walking Dead flock here from all over the world.

"We have a lot of visitors come in.  It's very family oriented.  This is not something that happens in our city.  And this is not someone who is from here," said Det. Worden.


Even though Smith is not from Senoia, police immediately identified him. Turns out he was in Senoia traffic court that same morning. He had been late and was asleep in the front row when Det. Worden herself woke him up.

"So, I approached him advised him you can't sleep in court," said Worden.

As soon as the detective watched the surveillance video, she said she remembered where she had seen him before. The court records had Adams Smith's name and address.

"I knew exactly what he had on. I was shocked when I saw the video," said Worden.

Other police officers who were in court remembered and recognized Smith as well. 

Smith has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure.

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