Sesame Place offers new roller coaster 'Oscar's Wacky Taxi' and safe space for kids with autism

Sesame Street stars Oscar and Elmo came down to D.C. for a visit on Monday.

Oscar has a brand new roller coaster at Sesame Place, called Oscar's Wacky Taxi. It will be the park's first steel-wooden-hybrid roller coaster.

The amusement park for kids in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is now the world's first theme park to be designated as a certified autism center.

As part of their certification, the park is required to train team members to provide the proper knowledge, skills and temperament to interact with all families and children with special needs.

Dana Ryan with the park says "there's a sensory guide that parents are able to access that outlines each attraction, and grades it on a scale of 1 to 5. It's about the senses. If your child is hyper-sensitive to noise and an attraction is five on that, they may want to avoid that and may choose other attractions throughout their day."

She says there's also spaces for kids to take a breather and get out of the commotion of the park. 

"We have two quite rooms this year with comfortable seating for any guest to take a break just from the overwhelming sense that you may experience while you're in the park."

The park is about a two and a half hour drive from Washington, D.C. and can be enjoyed as a day-trip or for a weekend. More information about rides, tickets and how to get there can be found online.