Shark a kayak?

There has been a rash of shark attacks in North Carolina and several shark sightings off the New Jersey shore.

No one knows better about Jersey sharks than 'Shark Tony' who recently caught 7-foot long shark in a kayak.

Tony Cutugno, aka 'Shark Tony' is not a professional fisherman; he actually fishes off of his kayak and says he hooks a shark 8 out of 10 times.

His goal is to set the record straight about sharks, "People may think that there is one lone shark in the water here, getting ready to bite people or attack like the media would say, but there are sharks all up and down here.  Right now while you see people swimming, you see dolphins you see sharks all the time and it’s not a genuine fear," Cutugno said.

So how exactly did he get the nickname 'Shark Tony'?

"When I would catch sharks and bring them up on the beach, people I knew would yell Tony and their kids would be yelling shark! Shark-Tony-Shark-Tony,"Cutugno explained.

‘Shark Tony’ has caught about 300 sharks in his lifetime.

Cutugno says shark fishing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

Before heading to the shore, just remember that high-contrast clothing and shiny jewelry can attract sharks.