Sheriff: Massive multi-county drug operation busted

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A one-year investigation led to the uncovering and bust of a methamphetamine distribution operation on Forrest Avenue in Jackson, according to the Butts County Sheriff's Office.

Over the last year, authorities have seized over nine pounds of methamphetamine that was going to the communities of Butts County, according to investigators. But it wasn’t just meth that authorities were worried about.

Sheriff Long says it was Brent Bruce who brought gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, also known as GHB or the date rape drug, to Butts. He said they could have ended investigation two months in, but they learned there was a lot more going on at the house on Forrest Avenue.

"What narcotics found out was the GHB was coming from the port of Savannah and then taken in 55-gallon drums from Savannah to Riverdale, Clayton County," the sheriff said.

Police said the occupants of the home were operating a multi-county distribution ring, and that they were distributing methamphetamine throughout Butts, Monroe, Pike, Henry, Clayton, and Spalding counties.

"What narcotics agents always try to do is they always try and find out ‘who is the supplier to our supplier’ and when you do that usually gets to a level, you start falling into cartels," said Sheriff Long.

Narcotic agents said they located inside greater than six ounces of methamphetamine, a gallon of GHB, multiple hits of LSD, Marijuana, prescription pills, and anabolic steroids.

"We try to send a very strong message. We're just not going to tolerate this here. We're going to pursue you. We're coming after you," Sheriff Gary Long, Butts County Sheriff's Office.

Along with Bruce, police said William David Carter, Anthony Craig Scott, Victoria Winters, and Amanda Chambers were arrested in connection with the operation. The sheriff said more names are likely to be added to the list soon

"We've identified two individuals in the metro area that was supplying him," said Sheriff Long.

Sheriff Long said “him is William Carter, who he called the ring leader.

The sheriff said the drug ring has ties to the cartel.