Sibling love captured in touching photo of two sets of twins

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Photographer Juliet Cannici had a very carefully planned photo shoot to feature her newborn twin girls, Gia and Gemma, born on Jan. 26.  

What she ended up with was not exactly a part of that plan but may have perfectly captured the essence of the sibling bond shared among her children.

Cannici and her wife Nikki are already parents to another set of twins, two-year-olds, Nico and Siena.

Juliet wanted to take some new portraits of their expanded family in a well choreographed home photo shoot which included her little ones outfitted in fancy clothes rented from a children's boutique.

But as most parents know, especially when it comes to young children, things don't always go as planned.

The toddlers got so bored with the entire process, Juliet says she could not grab a good shot of them. 

The photographer says she eventually just took Nico and Siena out of their outfits and let them loose to play.

The toddlers returned to the studio a short time later and Juliet let them lie down next to their baby sisters.

What happened next was a spontaneous and touching moment of bonding and pure love shared by her four children.

Juliet picked up her camera to captured the image: Her older twins, laughing while holding each other's hands and hugging their newborn sisters.

Cannici says the image exemplifies the natural bond and pure love that has already grown among the children. 

Cannici posted that photo along with some other touching images of her babies on her West on Jade Photography Facebook page, with the caption, "It's possible that I could be a bit biased, but I think my twin baby girls are some of the cutest nuggets I've ever seen! <3"

The image has been shared hundreds of times.

The photographer says that she hopes that when people see the picture, they'll be moved to feel the genuine delight and happiness felt by the proud older siblings.

She adds that for her, the image of all of her children together brings great joy and a feeling of accomplishment.

You can see more of Cannici's baby photos on her West on Jade Photography Facebook page.